How do I become richer than Bill Gates?


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    A beneficial Innovation can take you a long way, especially if its in demand in the market. Currently, Computers and Web services are dominating right now, and everyone wants a piece of it; therefore, fighting for a piece is a hard bet to become wealthy. (Apple, Oracle, Microsoft, Qualcomm, ASUS, etc.)
    Tablets and Smartphones are doing phenomenal as well.

    If you have invented something that can change the course of humanity in terms of practical and efficiency, then you are pretty much close to have a guaranteed wealth especially if it’s marketed right

    Keep close watch on the trends. Trends can make you a millionaire relatively quick. Check Minecraft, Instagram, Facebook, GoPro (Nick Woodman the GoPro innovator is now a billionaire, in net worth I believe)
    Meet The World’s Newest Billionaire, A 36-Year-Old ‘Surfer Dude’ Named Nicholas Woodman

    But there are other factors that can make you wealthy, such as investments. If you save for a couple years straight, and you pool that money to investments; you may be lucky enough to return twice that money, that twice can become quad originally if you reinvested it again and again, but take note that you may also lose them all. You need a strong sense of prediction whether the ETF or the share is going to do good in the future. (Practice on virtual stock market) Warren Buffet is an example of someone who became a billionaire doing this. Higher the investment = higher the return.

    “Right Place + Right Time + Hard Work + A Bit of Luck”. There are millionaires who have said that they have made that far due to luck.

    Going against Bill Gates in terms of “Wealthier than Bill Gates” is an incredible challenge. He is not just wealthy in money, but he is also wealthy in reputation; he is an avid donater and a serious innovator. In this case, just be a billionaire, and party with Bill Gates. lol

    But remember, Hard work can really take you far in life, but success is never guaranteed. Its up to you whether to take the hit, or you keep countering with jabs.

    “You have to spend money, to make money.” Remember that!

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    Just focus on being yourself and providing value for others and don’t think of making money more than someone else.
    The value of money will increase with the value of what you have to offer increases

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